About Us

The Aslan Institute in Eagan, MN is an integrative mental health and wellness clinic committed to personal and interpersonal growth and development.

We offer a variety of traditional and integrative therapies and we provide a range of services to promote health, wholeness and the Evolution of Consciousness.

How We Approach Therapy at Aslan Institute

By Lyndall Johnson, President and Founder of Aslan Institute

“Aslan” is the name of the lion in the C.S. Lewis Narnia Series.  Aslan is the symbol of Christ or Buddha consciousness – a state of consciousness to which we all aspire by doing the work of awareness and integration through our chosen spiritual mind/body practices.

I think that the best psychotherapy happens when two people have the same goals and the same understanding of how to achieve them. I believe that life is to be enjoyed in the full experience of knowing of your own intrinsic worth as an expression of all that is good, loving, and powerful.  I believe that the purpose of life is to fully realize this state of consciousness in your own lived experience, not to merely believe it as a nice idea.

In order to reach this state of consciousness, it is necessary to first become aware of everything that is not this, and that includes every unconscious aspect of your personality that is rooted in fear, shame, and need that developed during the socialization process.  Recognizing what happened in your childhood does not mean blaming- it means seeing, naming and understanding so that you can take responsibility and change yourself.

Very often people believe that their suffering is caused by something external to themselves and mistakenly embark on a lifetime of trying to change other people and the world which is as effective as banging your head against a brick wall.

It takes humility to recognize that, not only do you not cause other adults feelings and reactions, but that you cannot change other peoples feelings and reactions.  Nor do other people cause your feelings and beliefs. Other people merely activate or trigger what is already alive in you. The only thing that you have power to change is yourself.  No matter what the world offers you, no matter how other people treat you, the focus must be on your own inner response and your own choices of how to respond.

Psychotherapy is the process of introspection into your own belief system which is intrinsically bound up in your own feeling states and needs that lead to your own choices of behavior.  It is the process of learning to accept what you discover about yourself without judgment and without fighting, but with grace, humility, and good humor. This can be an exciting journey of self discovery and freedom from suffering.

I see the roles of Aslan’s providers as being that of a companion on a part of the way. Your life is your responsibility – a precious gift to be used to reach your fullest potential as fully divine in human form.

To allow one of us to walk a part of that journey and be a witness to the miracle of becoming is the greatest privilege that anyone can bestow on us.  May you all be blessed with the courage and integrity it takes to look inside, search for options internally and see new ways of living life fully and richly.  In so doing you become a blessing to the world.

©  Lyndall Johnson, 2018

Aslan Institute is mindful of the concerns around the global Coronavirus pandemic and has adopted strict on-site procedures to insure our clinic is adopting all CDC recommendations for public spaces.

Additionally, many Aslan Institute providers are available for virtual sessions and consultations; please consult your provider directly to inquire about those options.

A handout describing Aslan Institute’s unique protocol for the Coronavirus can be downloaded: click here.

Our Contact Information:

4141 Old Sibley Memorial Highway, Eagan, MN 55122

(651) 686-8818


Directions from Minneapolis/St Paul:

  • Take Cedar Ave/Hwy 77 South
  • Pass the Mall of America and cross the river
  • Take the Diffley Road exit, turning right onto Diffley
  • Drive about a block, and turn right onto Old Sibley Memorial Highway
  • Take the first left towards the radio towers, and Aslan Institute will be on your left hand side
  • If you drive past Four Paws Pet Resort, you just missed us!

Aslan Institute has a Conference Room (~27′ X 27′, or 49 people) available for rent at the rate of $50.00 per hour, plus refundable deposit.

If you would like to offer a workshop or retreat at Aslan please email Bussho Lahn who coordinates all rental procedures.

  1. Check availability on our Calendar
  2. Request the conference room agreement form
  3. Send an e-mail to Bussho with the following information:
    • Dates and times of proposed workshop/retreat/class
    • Title, description and cost of the event
    • Registration and contact information

Join our leading, well established, integrative mental health clinic!

Aslan Front Door

Aslan Institute is a interdependent community of providers in private practice. Together we work with a shared vision to promote healing and growth based on self-awareness and compassion.

We’re looking for licensed therapists who wish to build a successful private practice while being committed to their own personal growth.

We offer numerous opportunities for professional development through psycho-education. We encourage providers to cultivate their own inner development by providing workshops on the Evolution of Consciousness, Midwifing Death and international psycho-spiritual pilgrimages. Our providers are committed to continual, inner growth work as the foundational means to being an effective and loving therapist.

Furthermore, Aslan providers are supported in a community of like-minded professionals who receive numerous benefits including:

  • Weekly provider meetings
    • Case Consultation and Supervision on Countertransference issues
    • Professional Development and Training with CEUs
    • Meditation practice
  • Use of large conference room (2 hours free per month) to grow your business through potential trainings, workshops, support groups, etc.
  • Internal referral system and cross marketing
  • Creative collaboration with other providers to develop services and growth for your business
  • Advertising on Aslan’s website and annual promotion through Aslan’s Monthly Newsletter
  • Opportunity to join monthly professional consultation groups on cultivating compassion

Our building is on a gorgeous, partially wooded lot and features:

  • Welcoming reception area and waiting room
  • Kitchenette with tea for guests
  • Gardens and patio space
  • Large training and workshop room
  • Free parking
  • Five minutes south of the Mall of America, with easy access to both Minneapolis and St. Paul.

We offer a free first month’s rent, with the option of full-time or part-time leases. We welcome you to visit our charming facility and meet our friendly, professional community.

For more info, please download our flier here and/or email Lyndall Johnson at johnsonlyndall@gmail.com or call 612-578-2140.



Working at Aslan Institute has been a dream of mine for years and it came to fruition this past spring. From the first training I took with Lyndall, I knew the supportive, knowledgeable community of like-minded holistic healthcare providers was to become my professional home. Our weekly two-hour staff meetings provide invaluable connections, staff consultations, and pertinent trainings that help keep me grounded and intentional in my practices. The camaraderie amongst us psychotherapists, counselors, spiritual teachers, nutritional coach, life/career coach, and body/energy workers has helped me provide further resources to clients as well as deepen my own understanding of mind-body-spirit wellness. I feel blessed to have joined the team at this powerfully healing clinic and emphatically recommend this community to other providers in any holistic career interested in sharing profound connections personally and professionally.

I’m at Aslan simply because it is home. I love being a part of this community of individuals who all have different talents, perspectives, and histories and who are all working towards the enlightenment of ourselves and the world. It is safe and supportive and full of amazing wisdom. It is a place where I continue to grow and flourish as a whole person and have incredible opportunities to practice in a way that is fully congruent with my truth.

I’m at Aslan for many reasons, but mostly I enjoy being part of a like-minded community of therapists, spiritual directors, and healers, all of whom are committed to the evolution of consciousness. Aslan reminds me to be the best person I can be in the world; to show up fully and honestly in all of my relationships, to pursue additional education in my work as a nutrition coach, and to walk my talk. Additionally, there were times when being a solopreneur was lonely! Joining the Aslan community provided support and camaraderie that I didn’t know I was missing.

What first attracted me to Aslan was the mission and vision of evolving consciousness grounded in holism.  Then, upon arriving, the beauty of the grounds and the office space told me that the founders expressed beauty and reverence in creating the space for this work. I return to Aslan every week for the community, the ongoing learning and development, and to be in the company of people who are committed to evolving consciousness within their own being as well as the world with great compassion and humility.

Aslan is a unique place. It encourages both clinicians and clients to move toward higher levels of awareness by encouraging everyone to do the heart and soul work of self reflection and growth in a gorgeous, spa-like environment.

Each week, approximately 15 providers commit to sitting for 30 minutes in silent group meditation, followed by a meeting and teaching. We sit facing each other in a silent mini-retreat, exploring what comes up for each of us: our demons, thoughts, emotions, fears, dreams… and we support each other as we work toward clearing the individual and collective obstacles to insight and compassion. These providers often come from a distance for our weekly consultation, and it provides a wonderful opportunity for personal and professional growth as well as solidifing the sense of community and our shared commitment to a holistic approach to healing.

During the teaching time, we share our varied therapeutic, nutritional and spiritual backgrounds, training, and wisdom with each other. One week, we learn about EMDR, another week it may be yoga, art therapy, or the latest treatments for eating disorders, depression, or trauma.

I am grateful for this wonderful group of Aslan practitioners who are open rather than guarded, reflective rather than controlling, accepting of imperfection rather than seeking perfection and who are compassionate and genuine.

Aslan is the only place for me to be!  It is a diverse body comprised of complimentary healers, who are committed to growing not only on a professional level – but as a human beings.  Aslan feels like family to me, as we offer each other support with difficult work experiences, as well as in our own personal lives.  It’s been a safe place to share new ideas, concerns, and explore our personal awareness to gain invaluable insights.  People spend much of their day at work, so it is really important that it feels like a home away from home – this is what you will find at Aslan Institute!