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Louisa Hext, MA

  • Phone612-290-8291
  • SpecialtiesFamily, Forgiveness/Reconciliation
  • Insurances AcceptedPrivate Pay, Sliding fee available
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Louisa Hext, MA, Qualified Rule 114 Neutral, Mediator, Consultant

Email:, Phone: (612) 290-8291

Specialties: Family mediation, forgiveness, reconciliation, restorative justice

Insurance: Private Pay
Occasionally in forma pauperis eligible through court system

Louisa is a skilled and experienced mediator, consultant and coach. She’s a qualified neutral under Minnesota State Court Administrator Rule 114 since 2006.

At Aslan, Louisa offers mediation services (Parenting Consultant, Parenting Time Expeditor, Mediator, Early Neutral Evaluator). This is challenging, yet extremely rewarding work. Louisa works from a place of compassion and empathy. She is knowledgeable and patient, and able to support her clients, even when there is continuing high conflict.

Louisa serves as the North American coordinator for the photographic exhibition, The F Word: Stories of Forgiveness, which is a program of The Forgiveness Project ( Louisa is the lead volunteer for The Charter for Compassion International Peace and Non-violence sector (http://

At Aslan, Louisa works with her clients to explore the immense capacity of using story- telling and narrative to heal and impact positively on people’s lives. Her specialty and focus are around forgiveness and reconciliation.